International calling via cell phone has never been easier than it's now
with Save up to 85% using our affordable dial-around
service. It's fast, easy and it saves you money.
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Our complete online customer care portal system is always at your disposal for viewing (Call Detail Records) usage, credits, and our affordable rates, no contract, no maintenance fee, and usage credits mean you save money.
International calling (Long Distance Calling) via a cell phone has never been easier than it is now with Customers calling anywhere in the world save up to 85% using our affordable dial-around service. It’s fast, it’s easy, and best of all, it saves you money.

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Activate Your International plan instantly services are incomparable to those of any other company. For your convenience, we offer PIN-Less Calling (PIN free calling), and you will never run out of minutes thanks to our select automatic recharge feature.


My011 offers you a value added service free

The service can be used commercially, individually, or an entire family can be set up to one account, so everyone has access to our excellent domestic and International Calling Rates (Long Distance Calling Rates), with no hidden fees.

International calling

Directly from your cell phone

Our premium quality provides connections that are clear and uninterrupted, anytime, anywhere, and is PIN-Less Calling (PIN free calling) compatible with all Cell Phone Services (Mobile Phone Plans), which means there’s no need to switch your service providers.