PIN-Less Calling

Fumbling around phone cards as you enter a PIN number prior to every International Call (Long Distance Call) is a thing of the past. allows you to make International calls from your cell phone as effortlessly as if you were calling a local number with our Pinless Dialing (Pin Free Dialing).

At you can make International Calling without ever dialing a Pin. Unlike traditional Phone Cards (Calling Cards), our unique service is equipped with an ANI Recognition System. The following system automatically detects the account when calling from your registered telephone numbers. The Pinless Dialing (Pin Free Dialing) enables our customers to make an International Call (Long Distance Call) without a prompt to enter their pin number.

Thanks to our ANI Recognition System, you can quickly register up to 20 phone numbers, from which you can make direct calls anywhere in the world by just entering the phone number. For added convenience, you can add our access number on your speed dial list, so placing an International Call (long distance call) is a single push away.

With Pinless Dialing (Pin Free Dialing) you will no longer have to purchase International Phone Cards. All you have to do is Sign Up and recharge as you go. Within minutes your account will be ready to make International calling using your mobile phones.